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On Hillbuzz:  They are obviously a pro HIllary Clinton , but to their cedit, the writers have defended Sarah Palin and us  Governors Palin supporters appreciate it.  I would also like to point out Sarah Palin has raised over $2.5 in the 1st quarter of 2010 and 4x what Romney raised.  
Thanks to a good friend, two of us will be lucky enough to go to Sarah Palin’s speech this Saturday in Wilmington, IL, near Peoria. We’re going to cover the speech in great detail, and hopefully do some cross-posts of our report at Palin sites we love, like Conservatives4Palin.
We don’t know how close we’ll be able to get to Palin herself, but hope we’ll be able to score a moment in front of her, at which we’ll tell her what we told Hillary Clinton in 2003, when we saw her at a book signing on Shaker Square in Cleveland:  Run for president and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
Well, The Kennedys and others in the DNC told Hillary to wait until 2008, whereby they succeeding in stabbing her in the back and taking the nomination away from her. Clearly, we see the RNC doing the same thing to Palin now, telling her to wait until 2016 to run.
We think it’s as big of a mistake for her to wait as it was for Hillary.  The “It’s Mitt’s turn” nonsense will hand Dr. Utopia a second term, whereas we believe Palin would absolutely clean that socialist’s clock.
So, every chance we get, we want to tell Palin to keep doing what she’s doing, and to never, ever listen to the sort of people who kept Hillary from running in 2004, when we believe she would have won not just the nomination, but the presidency.
Palin’s moment is 2012.  We want to stand behind her and help her in any way we can.
If anyone out there can help us get in front of her for even just a minute this coming Saturday, we’d appreciate it, as we want her to learn from the mistakes of Hillary’s campaign so that the RNC does not do to her what the DNC did to our champ.
Full Post And All The Comments:
bellez Says:
Mark Levin Rush said she is the only one with Moral courage to stand up to Obama & the liberl hags she would delicately put them in their place with class.. God go with you guys..
Dan Says:
If she decides to run, I bet she will have Mark Levin’s, Rush’s, and Sean Hannity’s support.
They defend her often, and even though they do not like McCain both Rush and Levin have strongly defended Sarah’s campaigning for McCain.
JR Dogman Says:
Agreed. They won’t endorse anybody now, but they know who the libs fear, and they see what we all do: Gov. Palin hitting Zero with ninja stars left and right, day after day.
I think Gov. Palin would kick Obama’s ass from one end of the country to the other.
My best friend, a raging lib, makes a big point of saying how much he wants the GOP to nominate Gov. Palin. So I say to him, “Great — ’cause that’s a fight I want!”
Nothing better than a fight both sides want, right?
AFinch Says:
“Gov. Palin hitting Zero with ninja stars left and right, day after day.”
And she has been doing it from the very beginning. Unlike the boys, who waited until they saw the coast was clear before doing so (and not very effectively either).3e21`

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