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Our friends at Big Journalism are demanding the fools at E! Online, AOL’s PopEater, NY Daily News and FishbowlLA give a full retraction:
As my Executive Assistant often points out to me, when a story lands on your desk that appears too good to be true, it usually is. Case in point, E! Online’s article of March 3rd, “Sarah Palin and Grabby Entourage ‘Like Locusts’ at Oscar Gift Suite” by Ted Casablanca and Whitney English.  The background of the article is that Palin attended a pre-Oscars charity event put on by The Silver Spoon and the Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts in Haiti. E! chose not to properly vet the story and instead unleashed a mocking screed against Sarah Palin loaded with defamatory assertions that require immediate corrections.  The Silver Spoon responded to the misinformation spread by this article and others like it with detailed retraction requests.  
The link below will bring you to statements from E! Online’s article juxtaposed with text from the release from The Silver Spoon:
Big Journalism:

The Real Story:

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