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Sarah Palin’s Speach At The Lincoln Dinner In Orlando:

"It's about time Obama and his friends listen to the American people"  Media let's Obama get away with pinning problems on Bush, Time to fire the Chosen Ones.” Bottom-line: there's nothing wrong in Washington that a good, ol' election can't fix.  We will take back Congress in 2010 and The White House in 2012.
"All of the above approach for energy policy is the only way!"  Let's drill here, drill now & tap our domestic resources. Americans want domestic drilling which God has blessed our country with" We swept out corruption in Alaska and created a competitive buisness environment!
Govt is growing and we are drowning in debt"  Americans know better, and we're not taking it anymore.  we shouldn't be working for the government, the gov't should be working for us!    "GOP believes that God has shed his grace on thee"  it's not 'cap a trade,' it is 'cap & tax!'
GOP believes America's best days are yet to come! "Patriots are standing up and speaking out" "First real test will be the ballot box next Nov!
President Reagan said every day is the 4th of July. Democrats say everyday is Apr 15th. Nothing wrong with America that a good ol' fashioned election won't solve"  "We still believe that America is acceptional"  
"Stick by your principles and stick by your guns and we shall win! God Bless you and God Bless Florida!"
Sarah Palin has finished and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!  Young girl sings: Sing to the tune of 'Annie' now: 'November, November, you're only 8 months away!

Plenty of Orange County Republicans turned out to hear former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tonight, with the local GOP expecting to net more than $110,000 from the event.
“You can feel the tide turning,” said local party Chairman Lew Oliver in describing the momentum Republicans are seeing in races around the country, most notably in top-tier elections in Massachusetts and Virginia. In order to keep that going, the party is going to need  funding support, he said.
“You here, are about the resources,” he told the audience, who paid between $250 to attend the event or up to $1,000 for a VIP meeting with Palin.
The highlight so far is Orlando Magic’s national anthem good luck charm Gina Maria Incandela, who finished off the song with a pint-size fist pump that brought a smile to County Mayor Rich Crotty’s face.
The headliner is set to go on stage to speak in about 15 minutes.

More Photos:
Photos: Palin stars in Orange GOP’s big night

Sarah Palin at the podium
Former governor Sarah Palin delivers remarks at the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Lincoln Day Dinner, at the Rosen Shingle Creek, in Orlando, Friday.

Photos by Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel. Gov. Sarah Palin poses with flags of Alaska and Florida --that she autographed-- with guest Jack Burchill (left), and Orange GOP chairman Lew Oliver, at the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Lincoln Day Dinner, at the Rosen Shingle Creek, in Orlando, Friday.
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  1. Max D Said,

    I want the signed Florida Flag!

    Posted on March 13, 2010 at 12:56 PM


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