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2012 Draft Sarah Committee
Newsletter March 2010
Volumn 2                  Issue 1

The Chairman's Corner - Randy Highsmith

Thank you all for your continued support of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee and, of course, Governor Sarah Palin.  This next year should prove crucial to our cause.  We feel if the Governor decides to run, she will likely announce it early in 2011.  At least that is what we hope.  It continues to be vital to spread the message that Governor Palin and her common sense conservatism are the last best hope for the Republican Party and ultimately our nation.  I ask that you continue to direct your friends to our website, urging them to sign up for our newsletter and/or sign up as a volunteer.

We rely on our organizers to be our point men in the field.  I encourage all of our organizers to be visible and active.  Write letters of support on behalf of Governor Palin.  When you see a hit piece out there on any of the various websites, correct them.  Let them know where they are wrong.  Back it up with facts, and do not lower yourselves to their level with name-calling and personal attacks.  Conservatism wins on its own merits, so stick to the facts.

As I have stated in a previous emails, we at the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee are encouraged by Governor Palin’s participation in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC).  We ask that you do your best to attend SRLC and cast YOUR vote for Governor Palin in their Straw Poll.  Not attending?  Well, encourage others you know who will be there to vote for her.  You can get more information on SRLC at their website,

Endorsement Sour Grapes?

I have had several people tell me they no longer support Governor Palin because of this endorsement or that endorsement.  I may not necessarily support all of her endorsements, but that really is okay.  I remind myself of Ronald Reagan's 80% rule: "My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy."  My point is you should not withdraw support over one or two endorsements you do not agree with when you agree with Governor Palin on most all of the other vital issues our nation faces.

Anyone for TEA?

Governor Palin spoke at the first Tea Party convention and was very well-received.  She continues to illustrate what this country so desperately needs by espousing common sense conservatism.  You can watch her speech at the link below.

"Palinistas" are trilled with Fox News hiring Governor Palin

Many Palin supporters were absolutely thrilled when Governor Palin signed onto Fox News as a commentator.  The videos linked below show the Governor to be exactly what we’ve always known her to be: well-informed and very much a force to be reckoned with.

We see the Governor being constantly attacked from the left and admire her fortitude and gumption to fight back.  We at the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee remain in this fight and ask that you keep fighting the good fight, as well!

Regards, Randy Highsmith, Chairman 

It’s Worth Fighting For 
By JD Merkel
Rochester NY Organizer, 

JD Merkel
One of the most rewarding things I’ve discovered in life is that I can get involved and fight for a cause I believe in. Like everyone else, I am here because I believe in something. We all share common values. It is those values and beliefs that have brought everyone to groups like ours. It is what brought people to organize and meet up in churches, parks, coffee houses, and bars in every state across the country. This driving force has led to the formation of groups like this one and accounts for the constant climb in our numbers.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have my first meeting here in Rochester, NY. I had spent months recruiting people. I spent time networking online and making connections with other bloggers. I went to Tea Party meetings and rallies to try to recruit other like-minded voters. I also had the opportunity to talk to the skeptics and cynics and persuade them that it would be worth their time to sign up for e-mails and come to a meeting.

Our own Media Director/Spokesperson, Adrienne Ross, was able to join us in the back party room of Bathtub Billy’s here on a snowy, cold January day. I was excited. We were setting up when people started to walk in. By the time the meeting had officially begun, we had over 30 people, all of whom where there to listen and learn more about Governor Palin and her stand on the issues. Some were skeptical, and some were fans, but everyone came to listen.

As I started speaking, I held up several excerpts from speeches and articles that Governor Palin had written over the last two years. I’ve learned over the past few years that one of the best ways to judge a candidate is on the consistency of his/her message, and in this first meeting I wanted to show that from her first moments as the Governor of Alaska to present day, her views have remained constant. After I read passages from her book and quotes from her speeches, Adrienne took the stage.

Adrienne talked about her involvement with the group and how she came to be a supporter of Governor Palin. It was inspiring to take it all in. She fielded questions from a curious crowd. The talk ranged from faith and morality to policy and platform.

She also took time to explain the founding and legal standing of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, as well as what exactly we could and could not do. The crowd responded well. I don’t think that either of us could have asked for a more pleasant or receptive group.

After she finished, I took the floor again and answered a few more questions. It was very important to me that everyone had a chance to have those important questions answered. I felt that our group should hold its meetings the same way Governor Sarah conducts herself when on stage. Give straightforward answers. Don’t dodge questions. Don’t waste time pontificating. I believe that the best thing that Governor Palin has ever done to capture attention is to talk to people like they are people and not the huddled uneducated masses that so many politicians address them as.

We were all at that meeting for the same reason. We believe in something greater than ourselves. Some people attend ‘Tea Parties’ and make signs. Some send out e-mails telling their friends and loved ones that there is someone they must look up. “This is the type of person we’ve been waiting for! This is the type of person we believe should be in office!” they’ll say.

People want an earnest and sincere candidate. They want someone who has consistency and practices what s/he preaches. The American people who went to Washington, DC last year, over a million strong, are not asking for much. All they want is a fair chance in life and a government that once again represents them. We believe we’ve found someone who can provide such leadership, and that’s why people came out to our meeting.

I am confident that after the meeting had ended, people walked away knowing more than they did before, and they liked all that they heard. It is up to all of us to keep spreading the word. Refer a friend or family member to your local organizer. Send clips and YouTube videos by e-mail. Let people know that you believe in something and that it is something worth believing in. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. I believe that all of us can do what far too many people throughout history have given up on before even trying…

We can make a difference.
   Organizer Spotlight -Maria Hannah

National College Organizer 
Maria is a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and is majoring in Mass/Media Communications and Political Science.  Maria acts as our Young Americans for Sarah Palin 2012 Organizer and our College Organizer.  The committee is seeking to organize most of America's Campuses for Governor Sarah Palin in 2012.  Maria is a firm believer that the current college generation is the cornerstone, for the impending years, in the United States of America's pursuit of political decree and individual sovereignty from the left. With this belief comes a great passion for Conservative politics and the willingness to be the "persona non grata" of the collegiate political sphere. This past election between Barack Obama and Senator John McCain sparked an interest in what seems to be the taboo subject of all social interactions. However, she states, "Politics is the single most important and precious knowledge that our Creator has blessed me with."  The state of Indiana turned blue this past year and that fueled her desire to bring Conservative politics alive within her college community. Her inspiration? Governor Sarah Palin.  Maria feels Governor Palin is one of the few honest politicians out there. She also thinks Governor Palin's political platforms are what America needs.  Maria says, "Having the opportunity to represent a pro-life, Christian, peace through strength believing, private sector supporting and patriotic woman is the greatest honor I have ever experienced."  Maria believes Governor Palin has given America reason to stand up against an unusually socialistic administration and Congress.  She would like to open doors for people who have the same views, who feel hesitant about showing them for fear of contempt from friends, professors, or bystanders. Within the next year or two, she would like to bring together a group of people who feel that the Governor should be the next president, the leader in a fight that can be won. Maria also urges all of you in this great nation to keep up all your hard work to spread the word about Governor Palin’s common sense conservatism and love for this country!  You may reach Maria at  or .
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