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If the election were held today, Sarah Palin would carry the Western if her opponents were Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney, according to a Harris Interactive poll released Monday.
Sarah Palin would also carry the Southern & finish 2nd to Mitt Romney in the Midwestern, according to Harris.  Obama leads only in the Northeastern.
By region:
West: Sarah Palin 24, Obama 22, Romney 21
South: Sarah Palin 36, Romney 35, Obama 31
Midwest: Romney 25, Palin 22, Obama 21
Northeast: Obama 26, Romney 20, Palin 18

Palin has encouraged Tea Party members to affiliate with a major party and they are her biggest supporters . She is also the only political figure that can easily fill a large stadium.  
She spoke to Tea Party supporters over the weekend in Nevada and a massive crowd came to see her. She will continue to make appearances in the West, including a June 25 speech at California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock (Full Schedule).
Although Mitt Romney has great private sector experience his time has governor was not very successful.   Add creating a type of obama care for MA  will hurt is chances for the WH and suffering with mild case of foot-in-mouth disorder does not help either. Unlike Joe Biden, Romney’s foot-in-mouth disorder is more of the mean spirited & sarcastic type but he has improved.  Please do not take my criticism the wrong way, if he or any other GOP candidate wins the nomination I will support that person.
Obama has disappointed many of his supporters and can no longer fill an auditorium as we are seeing with his defense health care tour. 

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