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Sarah Palin Is One Tough Mother

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Sarah Palin is dismissed by some on both the Left and the Right as a lightweight. She's supposedly wet behind the ears because she's rarely traveled abroad or served as a privileged United States senator, which consists mostly of ordering lackeys around. Of course, Palin is way too pretty (and a non-Ivy-Leaguer besides) to have an I.Q. anywhere near Obama's.
It's astonishing what these critics continually ignore: that Palin is a mom -- not once, but five times over. How can this inconvenient truth be so easily dismissed? Five children -- count them -- including a special-needs boy with Down Syndrome. […]
Looking at Palin's slender frame, it's hard to imagine her actually doing this not once, not twice, but five times. She was wiping spills and her kids' mouths at the same time as she was cleaning up Alaska. Of course, being a frontier woman, Palin can do it all.
Palin can do practically anything because this is how her parents raised her. […]
Obama, in contrast, has spent his 48 years kvetching. A day rarely goes by during which Obama doesn't complain about George Bush or having to lower himself to talk to Republicans.
Every hardship is blamed on outside forces. Obama's parents abandoned him because of racism; he was benched from a high school sport due to injustice; his friends, like Henry Louis Gates, Jr., are treated unfairly.
And because of all this alleged persecution, liberals view Obama as the tough guy. In many people's messed up minds, the angry and aggrieved are viewed as the formidable ones. 
Meanwhile, Palin just glides by like a majestic bird in flight. She's called a c--t, Trailer Trash Barbie, and a moron, but she just keeps going, like the fiercest prizefighter. Palin takes the punches, gets up, and keeps on rocking -- always with her effervescent smile.
There is nothing lightweight about her, our Alaskan Amazon, who once gave a speech in Dallas while in the throes of labor with Trig. Did you hear that? I'm talking labor, which I understand is like having one of those prizefighters throwing punches from deep inside. Are you listening, the insufferable Robert Gibbs?
Fool: Does it really matter if, at the time, she had some notes scribbled on her palm? 
Can you imagine the carryings-on, the mass hysteria, if people like Obama or Gibbs or Maureen Dowd had to actually birth a human being? Would they even survive to tell the tale?  […]
Can anyone in his right mind say the same thing about Obama?
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1 Response to "Sarah Palin Is One Tough Mother"

  1. Kris Said,

    LOVE your post and LOVE Sarah Palin! I am constantly AmAzEd at her ability to turn the other cheek when she is vilified by the MSM. Her character, integrity, wit, patriotism, love for her family and country, and clear vision for our country's future set her apart. She is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics as usual. To those that attack her children, shame on you. As a mother, my opinion on the subject is, you can disagree w/ me, my opinions, say anything you like about me, but LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! Stay strong Sarah! Praying for you and your family!

    Posted on February 18, 2010 at 1:04 AM


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