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The exclusive Newsmax Media-Zogby poll released Thursday asked likely GOP voters: "If the Republican primary for president of the United States were held today... for whom would you vote?" […]

Despite the size and diversity of the field, Palin grabbed a solid 22.2% to take the lead with former Massachusetts Gov. Romney close behind with 19.4%.  Also making a strong showing was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with 12%, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 11%. 

The Newsmax-Zogby poll suggests the rumble for top dog among GOP candidates is anything but static. In early December, a CNN/Opinion Research poll found Mike Huckabee led the Republican field of presidential candidates with Palin trailing him for second place.  The latest data is clearly good news for Palin.

"It suggests to me that reports of her political death are exaggerated," political strategist and Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen tells Newsmax. "In American political life, politicians have not only second and third lives, they have nine lives. And Sarah Palin is on her third or fourth life." The poll's results offer a stark contrast to earlier surveys on Palin. […]

The poll indicates that, among Republicans at least, Palin has overcome the various and sundry attacks leveled against her in the media and remains a powerful political force. 

She recently kicked off a series of campaign appearances on behalf of Republican candidates who hope to ride the current wave of anti-incumbent animus into Washington. GOP political leaders are taking notice. 

California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the chief deputy whip for the GOP, tells Newsmax he's not surprised by Palin's strength in the Newsmax-Zogby poll, "but I imagine there are a few networks, that it might surprise them." McCarthy says Palin has become the voice of an electorate increasingly frustrated with federal governance.

"She has the common sense to go out, to listen, to talk, to tell exactly how she feels from the heart," McCarthy tells Newsmax. "They can try to go out there and say whatever they want about her but she's really the voice of the people. She raises a family, she understands those challenges. … I think that's what America is looking for.

"America is not looking for a party," McCarthy says. "They're looking for a leader and those who will help change Washington."  […]

The poll isn't all good news for Palin, cautions Fox News contributor and bestselling author Dick Morris.  She is the clearly highest profile candidate listed, he says, yet she garnered less than three-quarters of the vote. 

"Sarah Palin has a strong group of dedicated supporters who really, really like her – with good reason, I might add. I think they believe, and I think they're right, that she was an enormous asset to the McCain ticket," Morris tells Newsmax. "And I think that group is going to be there buying her books, tuning into her programs, coming to her book signings, coming to her rallies, voting for her in the polls. But the fact that it's less than a quarter of the Republican electorate, to me indicates some trouble ahead for her."  Morris tells Newsmax the 2012 Republican nominee is likely to beat Obama.
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1 Response to "Zogby Poll: Sarah Palin Tops Romney, Gingrich & Huchabee For 2012"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sarah is clearly developing into a great asset for the Republicans. Obama is not so quick to snipe cheap comments at her these days.

    Posted on January 30, 2010 at 8:14 AM


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