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Ashley / West Palm Beach, FL: What do your kids think about their mom starting a new job at Fox News? Do you plan on bringing them to the city often?

SP: My kids think that this is great, because kids are sharp enough to know that the questions have to be asked. What would we do without Fox News? And they’re excited about this; they watch the network, too! They like NY … they like the energy and the activity here. As long as they can stay grounded with the roots that are so strong in Alaska, it’s going to work out. We’ll do some back and forth!

Ashley / West Palm Beach, FL: It’s a long plane flight!

SP: It is a long plane flight … plenty of reading time!

Brian / Marblehead, MA: Will your previous job as a sports reporter in Alaska help you with your new role on Fox?

SP: Yes – and so much has changed though in the past 20 some years, technology has so changed. Yeah, I think my parents are going to also finally be able to say, “Right on! You’re finally putting that college education to work!” So, we’re excited about that and very excited to be able to pull on some of those things I learned all those years ago, and I loved working in the business way back then ... and I’m going to love this go around, too!

I mean, we had typewriters back then! We had no blackberries back then.

Victoria / New Jersey: Your book, Going Rogue, sold out shelves and clearly resonated with people. What’s your favorite book?

SP: Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin ... how Lincoln formed his team as he administered the policies that helped to secure the union and win the war. Goodwin did an amazing job of research and compilation of so much information. I love that book.

Chad / Forest City, IA: With the success of your book, will we be seeing another Sarah Palin literary work soon? 

SP: I loved writing a book – I’ve always loved writing. It’s just been a part of me -- keeping journals for my entire life, penning whatever I could, whenever I could. And I will do another one.

Bonnie / Boston, MA: You have a big family, yet you’re in such great shape! How do you do it?

SP: Okay, let’s be really honest ... Coming off the Christmas holidays, thank you for saying that! But, I have the same resolution as everybody else. I’m going to chill a little bit on the junk food, and I’m going to work out a little bit more… I need to. I love to run, I love kickboxing classes, I love weight lifting. Sweat is my sanity. I love to stay active. But thank you for the compliment … it’s not entirely accurate, though!

Pat / Fort Pierce, FL: How has having a special needs child affected your views both as a mother and as a policy-maker?

SP: Surprising to me, I would have this no other way. When we found out that Trig would be born with down syndrome, we were scared to death had no idea what to expect, I even dreaded some of the unknown, and yet when he was born, I discovered that God had answered my prayer .. my prayer was that Lord, please just make my heart ready for this. And my heart was ready. I have become a more passionate and a more patient person, and more committed than ever to make sure that individuals, groups, families become empowered to assist these beautiful individuals who do need and deserve a little bit more care than others – not necessarily looking for government to provide, but empowering those who have that compassionate heart – and I do think that every American has that in them, the desire to make this world more welcoming to these individuals – I would never have had that perspective on this issue, had Trig not been gifted to our family.

Pat / Fort Pierce, FL: If you could say one thing to your fans, what would that be?

SP: I think the supporters of the message that I’ve been articulating, a message of common sense conservative values and ideals and ideas -- values and ideas that I think American can and should embrace again. I would just thank people for supporting that message, not me as an individual because it’s not about me, but the message that so many of us share and want to see perpetuated ... I just thank them so much for that support!

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