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A very long and very complementary piece (although I disagree with the 2021 Palin Pres idea and expect 2012 to be the year), by Peter Ferrara, in The American Spectator gives rave reviews of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue and of her:  Here Comes the Sun

And speaking of grand vistas of opportunity, let me discuss Sarah Palin. Having just finished her book, Going Rogue, I am angry. I am angry that no one, not even conservatives, told me what a brilliant book this is, before I read it for myself. Brilliant in a quintessentially Sarah Palin way, showing through doing and being her genuine self, rather than through academic argument, exactly the way to communicate to the every day person.

I don't know that she actually planned it this way. But what is so brilliant about the book is that she just tells her fascinating and endearing personal life story, from childhood to 2009, in great personal and reflective detail. In the process, you come to know exactly who she is, exactly what she believes, and why, while she convincingly, thoroughly, politely eviscerates her critics, from left to right.

After reading the book, the word that will stick in your mind is genuine, which is jarring in a modern, hip, culture, that Rush Limbaugh is accurately calling "the universe of lies." Sarah Palin in this book transparently speaks from the heart, and tells us who she is, more than willing to let the chips fall where they may. And where they fall is to provide a firm foundation for a generation of national political leadership. […]

She registered as a Republican when she turned 18 during Reagan's presidency because she was "a believer in individual rights and responsibilities rather than heavy handed government, in free-market principles that included reward for hard work; respect for equality; support for a strong military; and a belief that America is the best country on earth." She describes herself as "a free-market capitalist," and her daughter Piper serves as the poster child for Alaska Right to Life.

As someone who worked for President Reagan on his White House staff, I can attest after reading this 400 plus page autobiography that she is through and through a female Reagan. But the book shows that, deep in her heart, she is first and foremost a Mom, which is something even Reagan couldn't give us. […]

Palin got to work on the pipeline promise on day one in office. She writes, "This was a multibillion-dollar project, the largest private sector energy project in North American history. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Oil giants like Exxon-Mobile, BP, and ConocoPhillips wanted to negotiate an inside deal with the state to build and operate the pipeline. Over their furious opposition, Palin insisted on competitive bidding open to the entire world instead. Her Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) providing for that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, with shocked testimonials from leading Democrat legislators. The state even received a bid from China, but chose as the best the Canadian bid from the Calgary-based pipeline building giant TransCanada-Alaska. […]

I predict a long future for Sarah Palin, and her clan, in national public life. But I think she needs to prove herself first to the great numbers of dismissive skeptics misled by our openly dishonest national media. So let me make another prediction: Sarah Palin will be serving in the President's Cabinet in 2013 as the Secretary of Energy. There she will lead the revival of a robust, world leading, American energy industry.

In this post, she will so prove herself that by 2017 she will be at the top of the Cabinet as Secretary of State or Treasury, or maybe she will be serving the U.S. Senate by then. In 2021, the ultimately glass ceiling will shatter as Sarah Palin becomes the first woman President of the United States at the age of 56.

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