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The 2009 November Team Sarah newsletter is out.  I posted the Letter from the Editor, Jane B:
When we think of Thanksgiving Day, along with memories of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, we evoke visions of the Pilgrims. The original Pilgrims came to this country seeking religious freedom and freedom to live their lives as they chose. Today's Pilgrims, appearing at Town Halls and Tea Parties, are much like our ancestors; we too want to be free from government intrusion into all aspects of our lives. We want to live our lives as we choose. The theme for this issue of the Team Sarah Conservative Voice (TSCV) is Today's Pilgrims, Citizens Seeking Liberty, a testimonial to the awakening of the American public in these troubled times. 

Along with thousands and thousands of Today's Pilgrims, many Team Sarah members attended the biggest rally ever held in our country – the 9.12 Taxpayer March on D.C. This issue features a Special Report with images and thoughts on the March from Team Sarah members who attended the rally. If you weren't able to get to Washington this September, I think after reading about Team Sarah member's recollections of the march, you may feel like you were there also. 

In this issue of TSCV, we also have two contrasting featured articles: one is from the sage perspective of how we got to this point in American history; the other is from a contemporary viewpoint on how we can be silent no longer. Along with these thought-provoking articles, our writers have penned some very stimulating columns on topics such as conservatism, religion, and of course, our favorite subject of all, Sarah Palin. 

Many writers, editors, and designers contributed to this issue; thank you all! After seeing how Team Sarah members are involved in restoring America to its founding principles, perhaps you too will be inspired to join Today's Pilgrims and get involved in the struggle to take back our country. You can attend a rally or meet with your elected representatives and let them know you want to be free – you can speak out just like our ancestors, the original Pilgrims, did way back when. 

Team Sarah Newsletter Links: 

Feature Articles 
Silent No More By Thomas S. Schmitz 

Featured Member 
Meet Jean MacAllister By Jane B. 

Wrap Up By Chris B.  
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