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What an amazing lady!  I do not know if the title makes sense but a women waiting in line to have her copy of Going Rogue signed told Sarah Palin she drove from Tennessee:    As Governor Sarah Palin signed books, a woman in line approached wearing University of Tennessee orange. “How long of a drive was that?” Palin asked. “Twelve hours,” the woman replied Palin said. “I love you, Thank you,” the woman said, claiming her book. “Run in 2012.”  Orange Park was the first of three Florida stops for Palin on Tuesday. 
David Hunt from The Jacksonville Times-Union reported from The Going Rogue Book store.The line moved swiftly — swiftly enough to shuffle about 600 people through in two hours. There was the guy with Navy patches on his jacket. 

The former Republican vice presidential candidate scribbled a flurry of autographs Tuesday  at the Orange Park Mall Books-a-Million. She made small talk with fan after fan in the bubbly northern accent that’s helped her win hearts and attract critics as speculation rises over a possible 2012 Palin presidential run.

Her memoir, “Going Rogue,” sketches out a personal struggle to rise above politics as usual. Still, she takes shots at the Obama administration and weighs in on the GOP’s failed White House bid last year. Some of the campaign staffers have come forward to contest Palin’s assessments.

Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, also greeted fans. He called the turnout “unbelievable.”Similar scenes have unfolded nationwide, but Heath said he was unsure if the success of the book tour signified a Palin presidential campaign. Several pundits and polls have pegged her, along with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as possibilities for the GOP. 

In Clay County, Palin and presidential candidate John McCain picked up 71% of the vote last November. McCain has roots in the area from his military days at Cecil Field.   Judging from the crowd’s reaction as Palin’s bus pulled up to the Orange Park Mall, the former Alaska governor has built her own roots as well.   “I agree with what she’s doing. I’m a conservative. I said, 'You go, girl.’ She smiled,” said Deborah Needham, a retiree who was among those who met Palin at the event. 

Needham was wearing a “Read My Lipstick” shirt accented with a pin designed to look like the cover of Vogue magazine. Only it said “Rogue,” along with the requisite Palin glamour shot.  Brittany Cabral , a Florida State College at Jacksonville public relations student, thought the button was pretty creative. She bought one from a vendor outside the mall, too, but wound up giving it to Palin’s mother, Sally Heath, as she passed her in the book-signing line.  Cabral said she hopes and prays for Palin to run for president. “She’s so strong and independent and outspoken,” Cabral said.

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