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Many Slept over night and others arrived at 6am.  I Posted some of the comments and posting, from, of people that were at the book signing.  As of 9am 2,000 fans already arrived.  The photo above is from early this morning.

 A stage has been set up outside the mall in anticipation of Palin speaking before she enters the books store, but there's one problem. It may rain. Event staff are crossing their fingers and warning reporters it may not happen, or could be relocated indoors.

The Rev. Richard Dietering leaned on his cane in the parking lot outside the Barnes and Noble Booksellers around 3 p.m., hoping Sarah Palin would address the gathering throng from a stage that was set up outside the store.

Dietering, Pastor of the Free Community Bible Church in Ypsilanti, said he drove in hopes of getting Palin's signature.  "I think she's a great American and I want to show her my support, which is more important than getting my book signed," Dietering said.

"I got here late -- at noon," he said.  The cane, he said, was the result of a knee injury


The crowd erupted in cheers and broke into chants of "Sarah! Sarah!" as Sarah Palin entered the Barnes & Nobles at Woodland Mall.  Before entering, Palin emerged from the bus wearing her trademark red blazer her and carrying her youngest child, Trig. After handing him off an aide, she told the crowd: "Thanks so much for showing up. Alaska and Michigan have so much in common with the hunting, fishing and hockey moms."

"And I thank you so much for showing up so you can read my own words -- unfiltered," she said.

Inside the bookstore, Starbucks barristas are told by a frantic employee "This might be the most important drink you ever make!"  They were ordered to make a perfect "Tall Skinny Mocha" for Palin.

A poster on Barnes & Nobles' window at Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids. View photo gallery
The Sarah Palin fans waiting outside the Barnes & Nobles store at Woodland Mall decided to mix it up a bit and begins chanting "Palin! Palin! Palin!" instead of "Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!"

Numbers are estimated to be anywhere from 9,000 to 11,000 throughout the day.  Sarah Palin promised to sign copies of her book from 6pm until 10pm.  I bet she will be there until midnight.

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2 Response to "(Photos & Video) 10,000+ At Woodland Mall In Michigan To See Sarah Palin"

  1. Dinah Lord Said,

    Great post! Thank you!

    Posted on November 18, 2009 at 10:20 PM

  2. Juanita Said,

    You go Sarah! I just saw your CBN interview and you were great. The response to your book is phenomenal and the media just can't understand it. Keep up the great work and the Lord will bless you for it as you work to help heal our country!

    Posted on November 20, 2009 at 2:15 PM


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