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Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer said that reports of Sarah Palin's political demise were "premature and reflect more the hopes and dreams of liberal analysts than actual reality."

The chairman of the Campaign for Working Families made the following statement:

"No Republican can get the GOP nomination for president or win the White House without the Values wing of the party. Given that reality, I have no doubt that between now and 2012 a leader will emerge.

"For the media, the race is clearly in full swing, especially in regards to Sarah Palin. Reports of Sarah Palin's political death are highly exaggerated and reflect more the biases of the prophets, soothsayers and media talking heads than it does the political reality. Sarah Palin is a force in the GOP and one of the most promising figures in American politics whether she is governor of Alaska or not. It is totally premature to interpret Sarah Palin's announcement as a withdraw from American politics. A year from now, a lot of pundits may be eating their words."

SOURCE Campaign for Working Families ('%3Bs+Political+Death+'%3BPremature'%3B%3B+Predicts+Pundits+May+Have+to+'%3BEat+Their+Words'%3B/4774047.html

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1 Response to "Former Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer: Pundits Will Eat Their Words On Governor Palin"

  1. MLWELZ Said,

    Todd Palin is so handsome. His nurturing self just makes him shine a head above the rest.

    Posted on July 19, 2009 at 3:07 PM


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