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Earlier this week, after the news of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's (R) disappearance to Argentina and his adulterous relationship came out, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (D), took a shot at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R):

Too bad," Kerry said, "if a governor had to go missing, it couldn't have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin." Palin jabbed at Kerry in return, as you can see the video at my posting "Video Of Governor Palin Speaking To Troops In Kosovo" (She is great, so go watch it.)

For the red meat crowd, you have in Governor Palin something you see in Dick Cheney and John Bolton: conservatives who can and will hit back at the establishment Democrats who are constantly attacking them. That's always fun. But that's not what's interesting here.

John Kerry’s quip is Seinfeldian. “Too bad Sarah Palin didn’t disappear.” The form is funny, but the intent isn't. It's just an attack. It's only context is opportunity. "Sanford's a Republican governor, so what other Republican governor can we attack?"

Palin’s joke – while a jab at John Kerry’s Lurch-like looks – is Cosbian. She’s not saying he should die or disappear. And in fact, the point of the joke isn’t that John Kerry has the face of his party's mascot. The point is that he’s yet another Progressive elitist who feels entitled to power in this world; a pessimist, whereas Palin remains an optimist despite being the victim of the harshest personal attacks in 20 years of American politics.

In Palin's joke (as well as her delivery) there’s a lesson to be learned that is very conservative, and alien to Progressivism: "cowboy up." In Kerry’s there is also a lesson, more Seinfeldian than Cosbian: those who clothe themselves in the garments of love for fellow man – as nearly all Democrats do – do not necessarily wear such sentiments on the inside.

Amos Wright of the National Examiner wrote a great article (link to full article is below):
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