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Anchorage, AK – Governor Palin today made appointments to the Alaska Children’s Trust Board, Marine Transportation Advisory Board, Municipal Bond Bank Authority & State Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Board.

Alaska Children’s Trust Board
The Governor appointed Ramona M. Reeves & reappointed Margaret A. Volz to the Alaska Children’s Trust Board.
The 7-member board seeks to prevent child abuse & neglect in the state by awarding grants from the Alaska Children’s Trust’s net income to community-based programs, by applying for private & federal grants, & by soliciting contributions to the Trust. Reeves was appointed to a public seat. Volz has served on the board since 2007 & was reappointed to a public seat.

Marine Transportation Advisory Board
The Governor appointed Seth D. Church & Patrick A. Owen to the Marine Transportation Advisory Board (MTAB).
The 11-member board advises the state on issues related to the AK Marine Highway System, the state’s ferry service. Board members work with the Department of Transportation to prepare a strategic plan for the ferry system that includes objectives, initiatives & performance goals, consults with the transportation commissioner on appointing the ferry system’s director, & makes recommendations regarding state ferry service to The Governor & transportation commissioner. Church was appointed to an at-large seat on MTAB, & is one of 2 members residing in a community not directly served by the state ferry system. Owen was appointed to a seat reserved for a current or retired ferry employee & member of a union representing ferry workers.

Municipal Bond Bank Authority
The Governor appointed Gregory J. Gursey to the Municipal Bond Bank Authority board of directors.
The Authority is a public corporation, established in state law to help local governments finance capital projects. Its 5-member board borrows money & issues bonds & notes to make capital funds available for borrowing by Anchorage municipalities, & in turn receives bonds & notes from Alaska municipalities. Gursey was appointed to a public seat on the Bond Bank board.

State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board
The Governor appointed Dr. Darin M. Bell to the State Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Board.
The 5-member board serves as the state’s licensing board for physical & occupational therapists, issuing licenses, taking disciplinary action against those who violate licensing laws & issuing regulations covering therapists. Bell was appointed to a physician’s seat on the board.

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