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Governor Perry had harsh words for Republicans in Washington, projected confidence that Republicans can make a comeback in 2010, questioned why Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison would challenge him in the primary race for governor, and talked about Governor Palin's endorsement of his campaign.

Clearly, Governor Perry is proud of his record as governor, and his talking points reflect that. During our interview, he often guided the conversation toward his record as governor of the Lone Star State. For example, he told me:
We continued to cut taxes ... to pass the most sweeping tort reform in the nation in 2003 ... we balanced our budget, we left $9 billion in our rainy day fund, we passed the most sweeping eminent domain for private property owners in the history of the state ... We did all that with a recession going on.

To buttress his argument, Perry cited several magazines and awards, listing Texas at the top of the list, in terms of the state's pro-business climate. Perry is quick to contrast his leadership record in Texas -- not just with other states -- but with Republicans in Washington, too. No doubt, this has something to do with the fact that his primary opponent has spent years in Washington as a U.S. Senator.

As Perry noted... Washington, DC has been an abject failure -- even back under Republican leadership. They spent too much money, they lost touch with their values, and they paid a hefty price. And America is now paying a heavy price for their lack of discipline, as this administration is over-reaching, spending our children's inheritance, and jeopardizing their future. Yet Perry is bullish over the GOP's chances in 2010. "... I think there may be a great opportunity in 2010," he told me, "that this country swings back and swings back hard and fast to those conservative principles that we know work." He went on to add that, "in the state of Texas, we never got away from them, and I don't think Texans want to make a change."

Perry reminded me he has been endorsed by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whom he described as a "close personal friend" who "knows my heart." He also noted that, "If there's a bigger endorsement in the Republican universe, I don't know who it is than Sarah."

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2 Response to "Governor Perry: “there's no bigger endorsement in the Republican universe” then Governor Palin"

  1. Tiffany Said,

    Perry will get my vote for sure!

    Posted on June 21, 2009 at 1:18 AM

  2. Greg Said,

    Palin supporters swing NOW election:

    "The Sarah Palin supporters swung this election. The election was certainly close enough - less than 10 votes separated the two slates. Then again, if Latifa's supporters had been able to bring just a handful of additional supporters, we'd have an entirely different picture to discuss. The Palin people out organized us, plain and simple."

    Posted on June 22, 2009 at 3:38 AM


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