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Here is another example of Governor Palin walking the walking and talking the talking. During the 08 campaign the McCain/Palin ticket proposed a gasoline tax holiday and what do you know Governor Palin & Alaskans consumers have been enjoying savings at the pump.

The "Fuel Tax Holiday" was part of Governor Palin's 2008 energy relief plan. It included a $1,200 resource rebate added onto permanent fund checks. During the 2009 legislative session Democrats failed to extend the one-year fuel tax holiday for two more years.

Once the fuel sales tax holiday ends, every 8¢ Alaskans pour into their gas tanks will go back to the state. It is part of a $40 million revenue. There is also 5¢ for watercraft fuel. 4.7¢ for aviation gasoline, and 3.2¢ for other aviation fuel. At the pump another motorist said, "I don't think its right. I think we should keep the sales tax now, the holiday, until we're at least average with stateside." This budget year $40 million general fund dollars paid for Alaskans fuel tax holiday. September 1 that ends. Replaced by higher gas prices to pick up some road repair costs.

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1 Response to "Governor Palin's "Fuel Tax Holiday" Helping Alaskan Consumers"

  1. Rahul Said,

    Great stuff! They should do this for Illinois...

    Posted on May 19, 2009 at 9:37 PM


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