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In the past 2 weeks we have seen Governor Palin sign into law more than 17 bills, reduce Alaska’s budget/spending by 30% and honor Alaska’s private businesses with her North Star Awards for International Excellence and, of course, show her love & appreciation for our soldiers. The Governor also cancelled a trip to the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. As usual The Governor put Alaskans 1st and stayed home to meet village leaders & survey the damage from the worst flooding in Alaska’s history. She then responded like a compassionate leader and declared a federal disaster expediting aid and assistance.

It has been a busy couple of weeks: we also saw The Governor’s “Fuel Tax Holiday” is rolling along helping Alaskan consumers (Democrats voted to end it this year), her push to increase Alaska’s fuel output is advancing, raise over $120,000 for the “March of Dimes,” meet with military leaders over missile defense and call out Øbama on his cowardly & flaccid stance on North Korea. What we are seeing is the Governor at her best. She leads by example and is always doing what is in the best interest of those she governors.

Alaska is 1 of 5 states in the black (financially sound) and Alaskans can thank The Governor’s smart polices. She was handed a state with massive wasteful spending & very unfare deals with the oil companies. The Governor first re-negotiated with the oil companies (less tax revenue for the feds & more for Alaska), created a rainy-day fund and today that amounts to a $6 billion surplus. In other states with a massive tax base, like California, Florida and NYC things are quite different. With liberals like Governor Schwarzenegger, Governor Crist & Mayor Bloomberg all spending like drunken sailors their prospectives states & cities are near collapse. Sadly and embarrassingly they need to suck up to the slow witted Øbama to save their butts.

What we are witnessing are the reasons Governor Palin earned a 85% + approval rating before the “Media” went on the attack to protect there golden child Øbama. As Øbama & Biden continue to destroy everything that makes America strong & great and other GOP contenders continue to underestimate Governor Palin her appeal grows stronger. Huckabee, Romney & the Democrats need to wake-up and realize Governor Palin is the future of The Grand Old Party & America.
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