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The Power of Palin

Thursday, April 02, 2009

As most regular readers know, I’m a regular reader Hot Air, the blog founded by nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin. Visiting it today, I could not help but notice something (and I’m sure other regular readers noticed this weeks ago): every single post is accompanied by a photo of Governor Sarah Palin. Even posts that have nothing and I do mean nothing to do with her. Why is this? Well, easy. Palin sells. Publish photos of the governor, and you’ll see your hits increase significantly. Aside from that, she’s rather obviously a beautiful lady.

Palin sells.

Why is this noteworthy? Because for all the criticism she received, she’s the only Republican able to attract a significant online audience. Her SarahPAC is the number one fundraising machine of the Republican Party. As of this moment, Sarah Palin has the most loyal and passionate following of every (former) Republican governor out there. And yes, that list includes my favorite Governor Mitt Romney. People connected with her last year, and they continue to sympathize with her and her career. They follow her online, and defend her when they believe she’s unfairly attacked. Not only do they defend her, etc., they also donate millions of dollars to her PAC and to whatever cause she decides to support. This while the Republican Party as a whole has fundraising troubles and was destroyed during last year’s presidential election campaign (without Palin, it would have been even worse).
What does this mean? It means that Republican politicians (and conservative pundits) are wise to treat her with respect. And mere bloggers such as myself have to take her serious, understanding that for all her flaws, Palin is and will remain one of the most influential and popular national politicians.
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