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Fox and ABC TV, interviewing various women reporters and some men, want to just keep trying to trash Gov. Sarah Palin, but say nothing about Sen. John McCain.
The election is over, and these interviewers just can't consider Palin was working for presidential hopeful McCain. The staff assigned to Palin was from the Republican National Committee, and she tried to carry the torch requested of her.
Frankly, I think the women are jealous of her. She was not in one of the influential clubs of the eastern states, but down where the average person lives. I know she will not lower herself to answer the critics, and I see why. Today Palin has her hands full with the volcano eruption, as does Gov. John Hoeven, of North Dakota, with the flooding of the Red River.
I say to the media to lay off, and donate to the Red Cross trying to help these governors.
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