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Juneau, Alaska - Governor Sarah Palin today congratulated the members of the House Special Committee on Energy for a productive series of hearings this session. Those hearings culminated with the introduction of legislation today to consolidate programs from multiple agencies within state government.
“I share the intent of committee members to streamline and consolidate the state’s energy programs, but with an expectation that efficiencies must be delivered,” Governor Palin said. “Alaskans are counting on us to keep the growth of government in check. This legislation must have a positive or at least a neutral fiscal note.”
On Saturday, a roundtable of statewide energy experts and advocates called for a cabinet-level focus on energy in Alaska. Members of the Palin Administration will be working with the committee over the interim to identify which programs should be consolidated.
“From the very first days of our administration, we have been focused on energy solutions for Alaska,” Governor Palin said. “We will embrace efficient ways to streamline our programs to deliver results. We’re working hard everyday to meet Alaska’s energy challenges. This House initiative is a cooperative effort to accomplish even more.”
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