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In a new poll by Politico and The Public Trust Monitor, 1,000 registered voters (more Dems-303 & Independents-402 then Republicans-215) were questioned.
Governor Palin was 1 point above Mitt Romney with Independents, 9 points above with Republicans, 2 points overall and only trailed Mitt with Democrats.
The Politico story covering the poll naturally distorted the results of Governor Palin:
The article in Politico spins the results as Governor Palin "attracted the highest percentage of those who did not trust her at all to identify the right solutions, topping Pelosi 33% to 32%." FABRICATED BY POLITICO!!!!
Governor Palin also had the "Highest Trust" rating for any political figure after Obama and this is with 80% of those polled NOT being Republicans.
The Politico article and the Official Public Trust Monitor Poll links are below:

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