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Alaska is one of the only states in the Union that is financially stable. States like California, New York and Florida all enjoy a huge tax base and normally a large surplus. So you need at ask yourself: Why are they in the red or bankrupt? The answer is simple: spending liberals! Governor Schwarzenegger, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Crist all claim to be Republicans but the reality is they fall into the category of R.I.N.O.s (Republican In Name Only). When times where good there were spending like crazy liberals with no regard for the future and no emergency or rainy day funds unlike Governor Palin.

The reason Governor Palin is the finest Governor in America is because she is a true "Reagan Conservative." She walks the walk and talks the talk. The drop in the price of oil has hurt Alaska and they are now faced with a $1.4 billion deficit. The underline definition of a Republican or Conservative is fiscal responsibility and that is Governor Palin. Thanks to the Governor Alaska has $6 billion in rainy day funds and is sitting pretty and financially solid.
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