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Dingy Harry Reid slipped in a provision into the health care legislation prohibiting future Congresses from changing any regulations imposed on Americans by the Independent Medical Advisory Boards, which are commonly called the Death Panels. It is section 3403 from pages 1,000 to 1,0007 of the Reid substitute. 

There is established an independent board to be known as the ‘Independent Medicare Advisory Board:  

PURPOSE.—It is the purpose of this section to, in accordance with the following provisions of this section, reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.
  • by requiring the Chief Actuary of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to determine in each year to which this section applies the projected per capita growth rate under Medicare for the second year following the determination year.
  • If the projection for the implementation year exceeds the target growth rate for that year, by requiring the Board to develop and submit during the first year following the determination year this a proposal containing recommendations to reduce the Medicare per capita growth rate to the extent required by this section by requiring the Secretary to implement such proposals unless Congress enacts legislation pursuant to this section.
  1. Page 1811 Advisory Board On Elder Abuse, Neglect And Exploitation
  2. Page 1977 Personal Care Attendants Workforce Advisory Panel
  3. Page 1648 Patient-Centered Outcomes Research expert advisory panel
  4. Page 1660 Expert Advisory Panel For Rare Disease & Expert Advisory Panels For Clinical Trials
  5. Page 568, 575 & 585 Maternal and Child Health Services Independent Expert Advisory Panel
Funny how the liberals at Politifact (Death Panels: Lie of the Year) or the St. Petersburg Times are so blinded by their liberalism they actually do no fact checking.  On top of that they miss the underlining characteristics of all government agencies and the services they provide.  All governments are incredibly inefficient, wasteful and always provide lower quality compared to the private sector faced with competition.  To lower costs they are incapable of becoming efficient and will always resort to reducing services.  Government health care is no different but our lives are directly affected. Death Panels have been in every health care bill which includes dozens of advisory boards, panels and committees with the responsibility of reducing costs at our expense. 

But what can you say, like any gullible fool who thought for even a milli-second that Obama is qualified or worthy to be president has severe judgement problems.  So when those that voted for and supported the disaster Obama speak of Sarah Palin all we need to do is simply apply the opposite.

The Pelsoi Health Care Bill is also riddled with various bureaucratically appointed advisory boards, committees and panels  with the duties of cutting costs: 
  1. Page 111 The Health Benefits Advisory Committee 
  2. Page 589 The Telehealth Advisory Committee
  3. Page 734 The Advisory Panel under the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Center 
  4. Page 1718 The Advisory Board under The Independence At Home Demonstration Program 
  5. Page 1761 The Advisory Board under C.R.I.H.B. 
  6. Page 1771 Facilities Appropriation Advisory Board under the Health Care Facility Priority System  
God Help Us All!

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